Terrace Sherman
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FREE Branding mini-session

Schedule a mini branding session. Have your current branding strategies assessed, prioritize your objectives, and obtain clear direction. We offer a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about your brand, problem areas, and suggest a service that best fits your needs.


Terrace Sherman, Couture Inc. takes pride in making our clients' needs our top priority. We offer a free consultation session for each prospective client. During the consultation session we briefly get to know the client and we listen carefully to the client's preferences and needs. This empowers Couture consultants to decide which of our services the client will need as well as design an action plan that is detail specific to the main objective of the business, marketing, or branding strategy. 


Creating the most effective event is a promise of our full event coordination service. This is something we love to do; from grand openings, weddings, fashion shows, launch parties, and so much more. Special events have given Couture Inc its start, and we have been growing and expanding ever since.


With a deep-rooted passion for events, all things beauty and fashion, business/branding, and being a girls' girl at heart, Terrace has created programs, products, and services to help other women to live purposeful, productive, and successful lifestyles. Terrace's blog serves as a venue of self-love and discovery for women on the journey to entrepreneruship.