No Face No Case: All Clients Created Equal

As a professional, even at this level, it can be difficult at times to treat close friends and family as clients. There are additional actions we may take to go above and beyond for people we care about that we would not normally do with clients we have no prior relationships with. It is natural because relationships and human connection are not only at the core of the business world, but they are also at the core of who we are as visionaries. Leaders have an innate desire to make sure everything and everyone connected to them are taken care of, but in the business world this often backfires.

In this blog post I will share why it is important to refrain from giving close friends and family special treatment/discounts during business transactions.

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The Power of Imapactful Collaborations

On Sunday I was invited to speak at the Queens Rock the World Expo in Decatur Georgia. This event was hosted by a new nonprofit organization, Goddess Love Inc. This organization serves teen mothers by providing them with the tools they need to parent effectively, achieve their goals, and live a fulfilling life despite what the stigma is. This organization does not encourage teen pregnancy, but it fills a much-needed void as this population of teens often goes overlooked.

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Weekend Stop: Miami

Each year, I create a list of major cities I want to travel to, and Miami has been on it for quite some time now. For the past couple of years whenever we get into planning this trip I find 99 reasons for why I can’t go 2-3 weeks before the trip: my body is not bikini ready, I have work, I don’t have anything to wear, etc…But this past weekend…this girl finally made it to Miami

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