Pushing 30: Navigating Through Your Late Twenties

My older sister turned 30 this week and it caused me to reflect on my twenties.

At 20, I almost lost my life. At 21, I launched my first business. At 22, I completed study abroad trips to 3 different countries, and I received my bachelor's degree. At 24, I got married. At 25, I got divorced, lost everything, and moved across the country to start over. At 26, I launched my lipstick line. At 28 I wrote my first book and I am in the best position I've ever been in. 

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How to Be Taken Serious as a Young Professional

As a young business owner or professional it can become frustrating to deal with partners, co-workers, and clients/customers who may be older in age and as a result, they don’t take you seriously. You may be used to being treated like “the baby”, “the kid sister”, “the possible date”, “the naive little girl that can be manipulated”, and the list could probably go on and on.

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How I Found My Passions

I am a firm believer that everyone was born with a purpose, but it is up to us to dedicate our time and resources to figuring out exactly what that purpose is. Taking things a step back -being clear about what your passions are will guide you on the journey to discovering your true purpose.

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Paris in the Springtime Fashion Show Coverage

On Saturday May 5, 2018, I had the pleasure of attending the Paris in the Springtime Fashion Show presented by the GBOTC Women's Minisrtry VWM. This Show featured two up and coming designers from the Atlanta area, BHunt Couture by Belinda A. Hunt, and Adamus designs by Daphania Adams. Both designers showcased some amazing one of a kind pieces. Paris in the Springtime was the perfect name for this show, as it was bursting at the seams with Parisian Couture House Vibes.

In this post I am going

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terrace sherman
5 Mistakes I’ve Made in Business

Without clearly defining my goals, I may as well have been taking shots in the dark. Goals have to be specific, measurable, and realistic. Being specific gives you a clear path to follow when working towards your goals. Setting measurable goals enables you to track your progress and paints a clear picture of where you are/how far you have to go. Making your goals realistic, based on your resources and skill set, helps you to develop effective methods of achieving your goals.

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