Terrace Sherman
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Terrace sherman

Brand Stylist | Influencer


"You have to go after everything you want in life - even when you aren't ready, and especially when you're scared!"

With a deep-rooted passion for events, all things beauty and fashion, business/branding, and being a girls' girl at heart, Terrace has created programs, products, and services to help other women to live purposeful, productive, and successful lifestyles.

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Terrace Sherman is the founder of Couture, Inc., a growing corporation, specializing in marketing, events, eCommerce, and beauty. Terrace Sherman received her Bachelor of Arts from The Michigan State University and she is a certified Social Marketing Professional. Her studies have extended to Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium where she was trained in organizational and international communication and public affairs methods. 

Terrace has over 7 years in the marketing and event industry, working with organizations such as The Aitch Foundation, The Big Ten Network, The University of Notre Dame, Heraeus Kulzer, Atlanta International Fashion Week, and Texas Instruments.



Featured In:

"Completed a branding call with this genius! She transformed my business mindset, determination, and hope in just 1 hour! I'm so grateful Terrace."



"Terrace is truly a gem! I recently had a branding session with her and she is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and answered every question I had without hesitation. Thank you, Terrace for helping me shed light and allowing me to mold my brand."



" I recently had a brand session with Terrace & I am BEYOND impressed with her work. She is very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise. I went into the session not confident with my brand & not knowing where to take it. I left ready to conquer 2018 & level up my brand all thanks to Terrace!"



"I have worked with Terrace and Couture Inc on a few different projects and I seriously could not have pulled off my non profit promotion and events without Couture!"

/  c. taylor, feed my city  /



"All of the information [Terrace] provided is relevant and legit! I also enjoyed the questions that were being asked during our session because it informed me that [she is] really trying to understand [her] clients and their perspectives so that [she] can give the most helpful guidance depending on the circumstances."

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