Monday, January 15, 2018

4 Types of Friends Every Girl Boss Needs in Her Tribe

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women."

As a woman it can be scary connecting with other women. Personally, I have had some extremely traumatic experiences when it comes to building friendships and partnerships. Those not so good experiences have caused me to retreat from the idea of connecting in the past. But I have learned that retreating and shutting yourself off from the world is definitely not the way to go. Taking time to tune into myself and into God's plan for my life has led me to having a tribe that is in alignment with my purpose and enhances who I am.

Here are 4 types of friends every girl boss needs in her tribe:

1. The "Right Hand"
Your right hand is your go to person. They are the person who has proven their loyalty time and time again. They know your good, bad, and ugly and decided to continue to stand by you. Your right hand knows when you are off and will speak their mind when you need to be put in check. They are unbothered by the emotional changes you will encounter on your journey through life. This person understands your vision and will step in to help as an extension of you.

2. The more experienced perspective
"If you are the smartest person in your are in the wrong circle."

I value the input of a more experienced perspective. They don't necessarily have to be older than you, but this person will be more advanced in their career than you are, will have gone through a lot of the things you are just beginning to experience, and will embrace you with the love and nurturing that is similar to that of an older sibling. This friend will calm you when you over react and will be able to speak to your obstacles from a place of experience -knowing first hand what works and what doesn't work.

3. The protector of you and your energy 

When you don't have to "clap-back" because this friend gets people together on your behalf. This friend bars none, speaks their mind, and encourages you to live boldly, stand your ground, and enforce your boundaries as well.  

4. The accountability partner
"Two heads are better than 1."

Anyone who knows your potential and your vision and encourages you to slack off, is not worthy of being in your tribe. Independence can be overrated -do not forsake the power of a strong team. The accountability partner is someone you can share your plans with, they will not feel jealous or develop malicious schemes, but they will push you to do whatever you have said. You are able to brainstorm and troubleshoot with this friend. Much needed for a girl boss.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Crowned Podcast - Episode 11: The Year of "Godfidence"

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons...Build a Lemonade Stand

Spending the afternoon in a room filled with young, ambitious, educated, and talented girl bosses was an amazing way to start my year. I was presented with the opportunity to partner on Ladies and Lemonade: The Ultimate Girl Boss Mixer. This event was a collaboration between myself (Terrace Sherman, Couture Inc.) and Chynna Miley (Events by CCM | Connecting Curlfriends).
The event included a panel of three skilled and knowledgeable entrepreneuHERs. I was a panelist and joining me on the panel were Deidre owner of Maylee Media and Jewel owner of Embrace Me Naturally. Each of the panelists' businesses are in different fields, which added an extensive array of information for the audience. 
I love being in the midst of women who are taking charge of their lives and working towards their dreams. Stay connected by joining my new mentoring program HustleHER's Abmition! I can'y wait to hear from you.